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85 Km


5.300m D+

Max. Zeit

18 h


Bogliaco di Gargnano (Bs)
Trail Village, Piazza N. Sauro


Bogliaco di Gargnano (Bs)
Trail Village, Piazza N. Sauro

Start Zeit

h. 6.00

BVG HERO (85km ca. 5.400m. d+ approx, max available time 18 hours)

Our big innovation in our innovated race panorama: a bet, a crazy idea we can also say😊
But we are done in this way, #traildifferent is our lifestyle and we have created also a very strong race and here it is.
This HERO experience is only for max 100 athletes: runners with high motivation, with a proven curriculum and experience in challenging trail running races, ready to test their selves and challenge this very strong race…even with the chance of an “alternative” final… The race path is the same of BVG TRAIL (see for details, BVG TRAIL page) but with some additional parts (wonderful, severely challenging, muscularly strong) and of course...less time😊
Bogliaco, Gargnano, Musaga, Sasso, Briano, Cima Comer, Cima Denervo, Senter del Vecc, Boldis, Senter del Tampa, Piovere, Aer, Gardola, Prabione, Pontesel, Sermerio.
Here the 1st challenge of BVG HERO: athletes shall reach Sermerio (after 30km, 2.300m d+ approx from the race start) within 6 hours 30 min from the start (i.e time gate at 12.30 am) if they want to continue on the route of BVG HERO race.
Athletes of BVG HERO who may not be able to reach the gate in Sermerio at the time from 12.30 am and 2.00 pm will be automatically loaded on the BVG TRAIL race and will so proceed their race on the route of BVG TRAIL (in case of positive finish of the BVG TRAIL race within the foreseen time gates, athletes will be considered as finisher of BVG TRAIL).
Athletes of BVG HERO who will be able to reach the gate in Sermerio within 12.30 am (6hours 30 min from the start), will continue their challenge on BVG HERO route, i.e.: Vesio, Piazzale Angelini, Dalvra, Bocca Sospiri, Dalco, Degà, Bestone Mountain, Ustecchio, Pozza del Gas, Ponti, Pieve di Tremosine.
From the small square in Pieve they will proceed on the same route of BVG TRAIL (and same time gates), so reaching Campione, Castello Mountain, Gardola, Oldesio, Aer & its waterfalls, Piovere, Muslone, Senter del Luf, Navazzo, Fornico, Roina, Casa Cantoniera, the Sailing Center, the beach and they will arrive in Bogliaco.
The glory reserved to our BVG HERO will be celebrated with a laurels honor crown and a fresh cold beer, to seal an unforgettable experience, a trip inside the soul before than inside our body.
R U ready for this challenge?