SAVE THE DATE!  4/04/2020

SAVE THE DATE! 4/04/2020


BVG TRAIL is completely renewed, we left the traditional "inline" paths and prepared 4 news race paths ("ring" type), with start/arrival in Bogliaco (Gargnano BS).

4 paths, 4 amazing trails in the wonderful environment of Upper Garda Lake, Brescia, "suspended between lake and sky" :

  1. BVG RUN 25 km 950 m. d+ (start: 9.00 am, max time: 6h)
  2. BVG MARATHON 42 km 2.700 m. d+ (start: 12.30 am, max time: 11,30h)
  3. BVG TRAIL 70 km 4.200 m. d+ (start: 6.00 am, max time: 18h)
  4. BVG HERO 85 km 5.300 m. d+ (max 100 participants, start: 6.00 am, max time: 18h)

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