Next edizion 10/04/2021

The event, in calendar on April 4 next on the trails of Alto Garda Brescia, based in Bogliaco di Gargnano, is cancelled due to causes of force majeure. The next edition, the seventh of BVG TRAIL, will be re-proposed on 10 April 2021. This is the decision, suffering, of the Organizing committee (Group "La Variante", GS Montegargnano, Asd Trail Running Brescia) given the recent provisions Government in front of the extraordinary emergency that Lombardy and the whole country are living to counter the epidemic of Coronavirus.
The same provisions do not technically allow us to obtain authorisations in good time for the race (the delivery of the bibs is scheduled as early as 3 April, the SCIA authorizing us for the event of April 4th cannot be issued) Good morning.
With a sense of responsibility towards you and the many volunteers we are called to behaviors from which you cannot regardless, convinced of finding understanding and friendship.
We are waiting for you on Saturday 10 April 2021, don't miss it! We carefully considered the possibility of moving the competition to next fall, but given the crowding of the calendar, this operation would triggered coincidences and overlaps with other events on the calendar, so we gave up responsibly.
Sorry for the many registrations already received at BVGTRAIL, below the practical indications for reimbursement.

The Rules of Procedure, in cases of cancellation, provides for the reimbursement of the registration fee for 70 %. With a sense of responsibility, given the expenses already incurred and the will not to penalise those who have already registered, the Organizing Committee has decided increase the reimbursement up to the percentage of 85 % of the fee paid. For those who have registered online will provide WEDOSPORT, without need to request it, starting from 1 April next (for those who want it you can move registration to 2021 with special request to be forwarded by email within and not beyond 31 March 2020). After that date it will not be possible in any way to request refunds or movements of the fee paid to the 2021. Edition. For those who have registered to the GS Montegargnano gazebo during the occasion of the Hinterland Gardesano races, we will can address Aurelio Forti, tel. 333/2098483, by March 31, 2021.
For all subscribers to BVGTRAIL 2020 will be available a discount voucher of 5 euros to be served on the registration fee of the CAMina ' A Historica Trail, a national race of 28 km scheduled on September 2020, 26 in Navazzo di Gargnano (info:,, tel. 333/2098483 Aurelio Forti).
For LAKE TRIPTIC, formula confirmed. BVGTRAIL will be present as always, but symbolically. The combined ranking for Garda Trentino Trail (May 16, 2020, and Dolomites of Brenta Trail (September 4/5, 2020, Thanks to the organizer friends for the solidarity expressed on the occasion remains confirmed present.

ON APRIL 10, 2021!