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25 Km

Altitude gain

950m D+

Max. time

6 h


Bogliaco di Gargnano (Bs)
Trail Village, Piazza N. Sauro

Arrival point

Bogliaco di Gargnano (Bs)
Trail Village, Piazza N. Sauro

Start time

h. 9.00

BVG RUN (25 km ca. 950m. d+ ca. tempo max 6.00h)

The shortest of our races, suitable for the runner who is recently approaching to the trail running or who usually runs on road but is also interested in “off-road” experiences.
This 2020 edition will show a completely new route, maintaining nevertheless the typical features of BVG: fast route, mixed (road-off road), no technical issue, beautiful landscape, full of surprises, challenging path.
Start in Bogliaco, we run very fast for 2 km up to Gargnano town center, then we have the 1st long uphill to Sasso passing through Musaga. From there, the race path will continue to the following towns/locations: Liano, Navazzo, Villa Sostaga, Fornico, the pleasant Sanctuary of Madonna di Supina and Gaino. After this, we have a technical downhill to the suggestive “Valle delle Cartiere” (Paper factory valley); we will go through it up to the arrival in Toscolano (and pay attention to the impressive beauty of the waterfall on your right).
We go through the town Toscolano and it’s now time to climb again to Pulciano (with a surprising view on the small port of Toscolano).
After the last uphill to Roina we arrive in the Square of the old port in Bogliaco (finish line), passing near to the Sailing Center and Bogliaco’s lake coast.