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70 Km

Altitude gain

4.200m D+

Max. time

18 h


Bogliaco di Gargnano (Bs)
Trail Village, Piazza N. Sauro

Arrival point

Bogliaco di Gargnano (Bs)
Trail Village, Piazza N. Sauro

Start time

h. 06.00

BVG TRAIL (70km ca. 4.300m. d+ approx, max available time 18 hours)

Our classic race, on the 70 m distance. A typical target for the trail running season. The race route is technical, severely challenging, full of secret landscapes to be discovered to us and to be kept forever in our eyes and in our hearth. Start in Bogliaco at 12.30 am, fast run to Gargnano (for 2 km), then ready to have the 1st long uphill (1.500m. d+ vertical gap) passing through the following towns/locations: Musaga, Sasso, Briano, Peak of Comer Mountain, Peak of Denervo Mountain (stop for a while, and have a look on the wonderful overview on the entire Garda lake and Baldo mountains, under your foots). From the top of Denervo Mountain we run down to the old alpine cottage named Malga Denervo (have a look here on the mountains surrounding us, Adamello, Brenta Dolomites, Caplone and Tombea); then we take the mountain path named “senter del Vecc” up to Boldis location, we continue our downhill and we take the beautiful mountain path named “Senter del Tampa”, with some suggestive technical parts, which will then lead us to the upper part of Piovere town; then we proceed to Aer and we descend gradually to Gardola, where can continue our race (for BVG MARATHON, Gardola is the turning point). The route will then continue to Prabione, reaching Sermerio through the suggestive uphill path “senter del Pontesel” (600 m total vertical gap), where we will see the power of the water creating the gorge in the mountain stones under our eyes). We proceed then to Agriturismo Naj, Cà del Luf and we reach Pieve di Tremosine. From the nice small square of the town, we take the downhill path arriving very quickly (pay attention and max careful!) to the lake level and to the town Campione. From Campione we have a total 750m. uphill on the path on the gorge of Campione and finally on the path to the top of Castello mountain, from where we will see the magnificence of the south part of Garda lake, the suggestive Sanctuary of Castello Mountain and the remaining proof of the 1st World War to impress in our mind the memories of our history. From the Castello Mountain we quickly descend to Gardola, Oldesio, Aer and its waterfalls, Piovere, Muslone and then we reach the final challenging uphill on the path “senter del Luf”. In this 2020 edition it will be done as uphill for the first time in our BVG editions (usually it was done as downhill). Most of the runner will be there during the night hours, climbing on it in the dark and if the weather condition will be fair with us, we could see the wonderful landscape with the lights of the small towns on the Garda lake coasts. After reaching Briano we can start thinking about the arrival…but it’s still far, we have to descend through Navazzo, Fornico, Roina, Casa Cantoniera location, the sailing center in Bogliaco and then, after the final part of the beach, we will reach the finish line in the Old Port square in Bogliaco, where we could have some rest after our efforts thank to a fresh cold bier.